Speaking and Comprehension

Ok. So today I'm going to write how I learned most of my vocabulary.
The website I've found most helpful for this purpose is
Make a quick account, check it out, try the first couple begginer lessons.

This websites is a podcast which teaches mainly by audio lessons.
it also has a great dictionairy and some other cool features.

so here is how I have learned so far.

Listen, Read, Write, Listen, Read

this method has been invaluable to me In learning to comprehend and produce Japanese

Start off listening to a lesson on japanesepod101.com
(they also have a writen transcript of that days dailog you can toggle on)
after the lesson is over, read through the dialog in both the kanji+kana form
the romajii form, and the kana form, then write it out in the kana form.
also if you can, try making up some more sentances using words learned in the lessons.
this will help you with gaining confidence in the language.

after that listen to the lessons dialog again, it should make much more sense,

a couple hours latter i sugguest you reread through the Japanese you wrote out.
this is a great way to review and keep it fresh in your mind.

do atleast 2-3 lessons a day. otherwise it may become stagnant in your mind and you might forget some.
although since im studying seriously ill be doing 10-12 a day.

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