1.0 - of I and We
1.1 - of ways too use them
1.2 - of you and you(plural)


      watashi - this translates as roughly I
      tachi - an ending used for some pronouns making them plural
      watashitachi - the final i in watashi becomes silent, sounding more like wa-ta-sh-ta-chi
this roughly translates too we

      watashi wa ---- desu -   I ---- am, you may insert many different things in this structure.

japanese is a SOV (subject object verb) language, so sentances are organized slightly different then you may
be used too

watashi wa samui desu - I cold am (I am cold)
watashi wa sakura desu - I sakura am (I am sakura) replace sakura with your name. watashi wa daniel desu :)
watashi wa amerika jin desu - I american person am (Im american)
watashitachi wa amerika jin desu - we american person am (we are americans)

note: boku is a masculine form of watashi, it is also less formal, use boku in informal situations


anata - roughly means you

anata wa samui desu - you cold are
anatatachi wa samui desu- you(plural) cold are

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