Kanji - The letters that are pictures... yet letters

一 -one, one line

二 -two, two lines

三 -three, three lines 一 + 二 =

四 -four, symbol for mouth + human legs

五- five, looks like a five with five extra lines

六- six, top hat with animal legs

七 -seven, hook with a cut, slash  can also mean cut or diced

八- eight, small line + big line. like our eight 8 small circle + big circle

  - nine, think of a baseball team, 9 players,

十 - 10, can also mean needle, turn it 45 degrees and it looks like roman numeral10

口- mouth, mouth of cave,river,head,bottle

日- sun, round the corners and it looks like the sun, right?

月- month, can also mean moon, round the corners and think of the 2 lines as the eye and mouth of the mythical man in the moon

check out remembering the kanji
its a great book, and its wear I learned these symbols, the link goes too their website which has a free chapter. 

ok, so these are some of the basic kanji. kanji are letters with meanings, kanji are used in conjunction with hirigana too make up words and sentences. they can also be used in conjunction with eachother too make compound words.

well. just wanted to get a brief introduction too kanji out. good luck with your learning process!

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  1. hahaha I'm not gonna lie, some of these are absolutely obscure. :)
    I still really enjoy reading these, though! It's ironic I read it tonight, I was wondering what language my aunt's clock was in, and now I can tell it's Japanese!
    Keep these blogs coming! I bet it'll be nice to be able to look back and remember all the things you've learned, and how much you have progressed.